Vray beta 2.0 for sketchup 2013

Vray beta 2.0 for sketchup 2013

Vray beta 2.0 for sketchup


we see what are the improvements, changes and bug fixes in vray sketchup beta 2.0 :

• Resolved an issue that caused geometry to vanish when editing a scene during a V-Ray RT render.
• Transitioning between perspective and paHow to Use Vray Sketchuprallel cameras while rendering with V-Ray RT no longer causes the rendered view to get stuck in parallel mode.
• When V-Ray RT in OpenCL mode fails to setup on OSX, V-Ray will revert to CPU mode without a crash.
• Resolved crash in RT CPU when VRayBRDF has both fog and translucency turned on.
• Improved stability of RT GPU.
• Skp2Sided material now supported with RT GPU.
• Opacity and other float textures render properly in RT GPU.
• The standard material pays attention to the Default Displacement override / Use global parameters.
• Our Standard, Skp2Sided, Toon, and Angle blend materials check and correct invalid (negative or infinite) colors.
• The VFB stays on the top of the SketchUp window in OSX.
• RGB/Alpha channels are always the first two channels in the VFB and are above other custom render channels.
• The VRayBRDF layer gets used for viewport representation in our LayeredBRDF.
• V-Ray diffuse color is no longer incorrectly overwritten by SketchUp material color in some cases.
• Resolved an issue that caused light cache retracement to always be off regardless of the checkbox in our UI.
• Resolved problem that could cause default options to be loaded instead of the serialized scene options if you open a model by double-clicking on it rather than doing File->Open.
• Our Options Editor no longer becomes empty when trying to use render presets.
• Resolved an issue where DR Nodes could intermittently stop contributing. This fix is part of the spawner itself, so you must reinstall it.
• Resolved “Ghost windows” from happening on OSX.
• Materials ending in the number “0″ now load properly.
• Resolved an issue that would prevent copy and pasting objects between models, or automatically undoing the last operation while copy and pasting between models.
• Unicode paths are now supported when referenced from within lights – IES file paths, for example.
• The physical camera matches viewport FOV.
• Focus distance is set correctly and DOF render properly with the physical camera.
• Resolved issue that caused VRayBRDF to be unresponsive to changes made in SketchUp material editor.
• Materials no longer rename themselves after making edits in the SketchUp material editor
for any further information please contact Chaos Group

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